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Hole In The Wall


100% Whole Grain Hard Red Winter Wheat Flour

料理 たべもの パン

Community Grainsの全粒小麦粉を奥がGoogle Shopping Expressで注文。

100% Whole Grain Hard Red Winter Wheat Flour - Community Grains

 "Stone Milled In Its Entirety"。この粉はWhole Wheatでも"Synthesized"されていない証。


The event was hosted by Community Grains, a Bay Area company founded by Oliveto owner Bob Klein, which sells local whole grain flour, pasta, polenta, and beans. It brought restaurateurs, foodies, journalists, bakers like Tartine Bakery’s Chad Robertson, who has been using local and heirloom grain varieties in recent years, and farmers such as Paul Muller from the iconic Full Belly Farm out on a Sunday morning.

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