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Hole In The Wall



料理 たべもの

グルテン強化のために小麦粉に入れるVital Wheat Gluten。

Bob's Red Mill - Vital Wheat Gluten Flour - 22 oz.
Bob's Red Mill
Best Sellers Rank: 24,958





My solution? I eat vegan part of the time. I found in doing that I make smarter choices. Most of vegan foods I eat are loaded with vegetables and fruits, and are low in calories. I have discovered a world of meat and dairy substitutes and have become more creative in my cooking. And now, when I’m not eating something vegan, I’m more conscious of portion control. - See more at:

Veg Out! Why I Became a Part-Time Vegan (Plus, Blueberry Basil Grilled Cheese Recipe!) | Hello Healthy

 part-time veganとか訳わかんない。oximoronにさえなってないし。