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Hole In The Wall



まあこの前のMonsooned Malabarにもあったけど、コーヒー業界で「伝説」は常識らしいなどうも。

今回の豆は"Indonesian Washed Sulawesi - Toarco Jaya A"。

For years, this coffee was only available in Japan, as the estate is owned by the Japanese roaster Key Coffee. In recent years they have made it available to us. Established in 1976, this plantation has been undertaking a fully washed process that is unlike anything else produced in Asia.

Indo Sulawesi Toarco 

 そう、Key Coffeeの「トアルコトラジャ」である。


Indonesian Washed Sulawesi - Toarco Jaya A

Burman Coffeeのオススメ通り、dark roastのFull City+までロースト。

Indonesian Washed Sulawesi - Toarco Jaya A


Young Santa's delivery