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Hole In The Wall



くるま エンタメ




KING: Subaru spoke to a bunch of owners and discovered, yes, lesbians loved those four-wheel-drive Subarus - loved that they could handle all types of weather and were roomy. In the early '90s, though, most big companies didn't advertise directly to gay and lesbian consumers because they were afraid of alienating heterosexual consumers.


JOHN NASH: And at the time, there was "Xena: Warrior Princess," and the lesbians loved Lucy Lawless, and everybody loved Xena. So one of the license plates was going to be Xena lover (ph) - X-E-N-A-L-V-R. One of them was P-Towny - P-dash-Towny.

KING: For Provincetown?

NASH: For Provincetown. And the other one was, camp out. 

その後、マルチナ・ナブラチロワをコマーシャルに起用。これによって人気が盤石に。ここ10年で売上倍増。最近こそ乗り手の趣味を尊重した戦略にでてるけど、 かつてのLGBTの人々に未だに根強い人気があるらしい。