Hole In The Wall



今月号のBicycling Magazineに載っていた記事。プロ達が今までに受けたアドバイスの中で、最高と思う物を挙げてもらってます。

The world's top pros share the secrets - big and little - that helped get them to the top

まずはIvan Bassoから。

"Eat early, go to sleep early. Don't eat bad food."

これは2005年のGiro d'Italiaの経験からでしょうか。続いてJens Voigt。

"Eddy Merckx said, 'Attack when it hurts you because you know you are going to get away.' I just try to keep doing that."

いつもガンガンアタックをかけるあのスタイル、この助言が元になってるんですねぇ。最後はDavid Zabriskie。

"Frank McCormack showed me how to dry my clothes. He laid out a dry towel, then he laid the wet clothes on the towel after he washed them. He rolled the towel up, then stepped on it, and finally wrung it as hard as he could. After that, you have to hang your clothes for only a little bit before they're dry."