Hole In The Wall



It’s official. We can all set our sights on locating James Jamerson’s long-lost '62 P-Bass “Funk Machine,” because the most famous missing bass guitar of all has been found. Jaco Pastorius's fretless 1962 Fender Jazz “Bass of Doom” (as he dubbed it) has turned up in New York City, over 20 years after it was last seen there.

ほんとかよ、って感じのニュースだけれど、ジャコパスの行方不明になっていたフレットレスベースが出てきた模様。写真を見ると全然風貌が変わっているけれど、試し弾きしたWill Lee曰く、"While the new look was surprising at first, it certainly is the holy grail of basses and the best fretless I’ve ever played"なんだそう。