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Flickr member James Bowthorpe, a.k.a GlobeCycle, is about to complete the fastest circumnavigation of the Earth on a freakin’ bicycle. He started on March 29th, 2009 with the goal of raising £1.8 million for research into the causes of Parkinson’s Disease. Starting and ending in London, England, James will have ridden over 18,000 miles in about 150 days. Back in August he increased his daily mileage from 120 to 150 miles per day (!!!), putting him on track to break the current world record by nearly four weeks.

Circumnavigation for Good « Flickr Blog

今週の土曜の午後、James Bowthorpeさんが自転車の世界一周最短記録を打ち立てるらしい。18,000マイルを150日あまり。8月からは一日あたり150マイル走行、それも写真にもあるけれど舗装路だけじゃないんでタイヤはknobby tire。しかも天気、補給を考えたらこれはとんでもなく凄い記録である。