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ついこの前測ったけれど、またもや。体重が減ったので個人設定を直していて出てきた"Activity Level"の項目。Low/Middle/High/Topと4択なんだけれど、今までずっと適当に"High"ぐらいだろうとおもってそれに設定。で、今日真面目に調べてみると、

Activity levels are:

  1. Low: You do not participate regularly in programmed recreation sport or heavy physical activity. E.g. you walk only for pleasure or occasionally exercise sufficiently to cause heavy breathing or perspiration.
  2. Middle: You participate regularly in recreation sports. E.g. you run 3-6 miles per week or spend 0.5-2 hours per week in comparable physical activity or, your work requires modest physical activity
  3. High: You participate regularly, at least 3 times a week, in heavy physical exercise. E.g.you run 6-12 miles per week or spend 2-3 hours per week in comparable physical activity.
  4. Top: You participate regularly in heavy physical exercise at least 5 times a week. E.g. you exercise to improve performance for competitive purposes.
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これで見るとActivity LevelはどうもTopな様子。で、この設定をTopにしてOwnIndexを測ってみたら、
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