Hole In The Wall



アンチ自転車派のドライバーが「シェア・ザ・ロード」と聞いた時の典型的な反応がSF Chronicleの読者投稿欄に載っていた。

Let's share the load
The license and registration fees that motor vehicle drivers pay help create and maintain the streets and roads. This includes the cost of use and installation of new bicycle lanes and racks.
Let's have the bicyclists pay some share of this and create a safer coexistence for all. All bikes here in the city should be registered (which should help their return in the event of theft), have mandatory front and rear lights and reflectors, and the owners should be required to have an operating license, which they receive after passing a test of their knowledge of the rules of the road. Helmets should also be mandatory.
The fees generated from registration and licensing can be applied to creating and maintaining the bicycle lanes and racks and help vehicles and bikes to coexist.

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