Hole In The Wall



= 不快感、停滞感。
Bicycling MagazineのChris Carmichaelの質問コラム。今月号はこんなの:

Q: I'm fried after a big season and feel unmotivated, but don't want to sit around and get fat, either. What now?


Autumn malaise is an insidious disease that infects many cyclists -- whether you're a racer or weekend warrior. It sucks the hard-earned fitness from your legs, heart and lungs, leaving you sluggish and soft by the holidays.


The key is to reconnect to your love of riding.

なんだそう。週に2度tough workoutを実施することでフィットネスレベルが保てると言っている。週に2度のThe sufferfestで大丈夫かな?