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いろいろあるけれど、その中の一つが「フライドチキン+ワッフル」。最近発売になった、Laysのチップスの新作3種類(そのうちひとつはSriracha!)の中にも"Chickens & Waffles"というのがあるくらい。

Call fried chicken and waffles a traditional Southern food, and you're liable to get accused of a damn Yankee conspiracy.
That's what we found out last week, when our story about the dangers of a Southern fried diet prompted many of you with roots in the South to protest – don't pin that dish on us!

Fried Chicken And Waffles: The Dish The South Denied As Its Own? : The Salt : NPR


"It's a dish most popular among expatriate, African-American Southerners," he adds, "a dish most popular among Southerners now living in urban areas, whether that be the urban South or the urban West, in the case of Los Angeles, or the urban North, in the case of New York."


"That's a traditional dish," Edge says.
Hmm ... traditional. So why did we raise the hackles of so many readers? Edge has a theory.
"Any time you talk about fried chicken in the South," says Edge, "you're in essence talking about somebody's mama, and when you talk about somebody's mama, somebody gets mad."

結局南部の人にとって、フライドチキン、というか"Soul Food"というのは「おふくろの味」みたいなもんなのかな?「こうあるべきだ!」という確固たる意見があって、それがそれぞれ異なるという。