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Bread and the Baker

それはパン国際選手権、USチームのメンバー、Mike Zakowskiさんがソーシャルファンディングで自主制作しようとしている映画。

Bread and the Baker // Fundraiser Film from Colin Blackshear on Vimeo.

未だ製作途中のようで、前半は去年のパン国際選手権(Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie)の様子。2位のアメリカチームにこの人が居るんだけれど、去年の1位は日本。なので偶然日本の受賞風景も。Mikeさんは来年のチームメンバーにも選ばれている。
このMikeさん、"[the bejkr]"という自分のベーカリーも持っている。

Mike Zakowski is a graduate of the Culinary Arts program at Kendall College in Chicago, Illinois. When he owned Kraftsmen Baking in Houston, Texas, he was named Best Baker in Houston and won the Best Bread award for his pain biologique during the bakery’s first year of operation. He was the Operations Manager at Artisan Bakers in Sonoma, California for 5 years and currently owns his own bakery, [the bejkr], and markets his creations at local farmers markets in Sonoma County, CA.. Mike is a member of Bread Bakers Guild Team USA and competed at the 2010 Louis Lesaffre Cup and the 2012 Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie in the Baguette & Specialty Breads category. He will compete as an individual representing USA in the Masters de la Boulangerie in the Bread category.