Hole In The Wall



= (hydraulic fracturing)《石油・天然ガス開発》水圧破砕(法)

Chez Panisse chefs Alice Waters and Jerome Waag today launched a chefs’ petition urging their colleagues to take a stand against fracking in California. Working in collaboration with Food & Water Watch, founding member of Californians Against Fracking, the chefs are concerned about the threat fracking poses to the world-renowned food and wine that is grown, served and sold in California. The petition includes a letter calling on Governor Brown to place a moratorium on fracking.

Inside Scoop SF » Alice Waters and California’s top chefs join together to fight fracking

シェ・パニーズのAlice Watersらが、カリフォルニアで行われているfrackingを規制が定まるまで一時的に停止する旨の嘆願書を知事のJerry Brownに提出するらしい。嘆願書にはサインした人・所属がリストされているけれど、Chez Panisseの他にも結構有名なレストランが名を連ねている。

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