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E30 M3が高騰中。


It has been described as one of the greatest enthusiast vehicles ever made. It roundly tops lists not only of the best BMWs ever made, but of best driver's cars in general. It remains the winningest vehicle in all of sports car racing. Its nickname is the not even remotely subtle "God's Chariot."P
I am, of course, talking about the E30 BMW M3. More than 25 years after its inception, it continues to command near-universal respect among speed fans of all stripes.P

1988 BMW M3: The Jalopnik Classic Review

自分としてはやっぱりGroup A時代のWRCLancia Deltaを始めとする4WD全盛時代に2駆でツール・ド・コルス制覇の衝撃は今でも忘れられない。