Hole In The Wall




If you're not on medicine to lower your cholesterol yet, you might be soon.
In what's being called a tectonic shift in the way doctors will treat high cholesterol, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology on Tuesday released new treatment guidelines calling for a focus on risk factors rather than just cholesterol levels.
The new guidelines could double the amount of people on medication to lower their cholesterol, experts say.

Not on cholesterol meds? New guidelines may change that - CNN.com


  • Do you have heart disease?
  • Do you have diabetes (Type 1 or 2)?
  • Do you have a bad cholesterol level more than 190?
  • Is your 10-year risk of a heart attack greater than 7.5%?


So how do you and your doctor determine if your 10-year risk of a heart attack is above 7.5% and you should be put on a statin?
A simple calculation, said Dr. Donald Lloyd-Jones, chairman of the committee that developed the equation.
"We were able to generate very robust risk equations for both non-Hispanic white men and women as well as African-American men and women," Lloyd-Jones said. "Those equations factor in age, sex, race, total and HDL ('good') cholesterol levels, blood pressure levels, blood pressure treatment status as well as diabetes and current smoking status."