Hole In The Wall



New Jersey知事のChris Christieの"Bridgegate"スキャンダルが連日ニュースを賑わしているけれど、そんな中こんなニュースが。

 In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie's political future is in doubt over the ever-widening "Bridgegate" fiasco, as emails revealed that members of his closest inner circle were involved. But just across that bridge, New York City's newly installed mayor, Bill de Blasio, became embroiled in another kind of drama: "Forkgate."

Italians To New Yorkers: 'Forkgate' Scandal? Fuhggedaboutit : The Salt : NPR

ニューヨーク新市長のBill de Blasioの初スキャンダル。会食でピザを食べるシーン、フォークとナイフでピザを食べている。これはNew Yorkerとして失格。ニューイングランドではピザは"folding in half"、つまり手で半分に折りたたんで食べなければいけないんであるw。そう考えると、初めの段落、

Over the past week, two high-profile leaders in the New York metropolitan area found themselves at the center of unfolding political scandals. At least one, it seems, has some plausible deniability.