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Gluten Math


The portion of U.S. households reporting purchases of gluten-free food products last year: 11%

Estimated prevalence of celiac disease in the U.S. via a 2012 study: 0.71%

Portion of shoppers who bought gluten-free products who said they bought them due to celiac disease, in a 2013 survey: 2%

Portion of shoppers who said they bought gluten-free products "because they think they're more healthful"59%

Portion of Americans who know what they fuck they're talking about on this issue: 0.00005%

Let's Do the Math on "Gluten-Free"



CHEX HARRIS 30 - YouTube

グルテンフリーの理由 -> "something good"。ははは。わけわかんね。


OK, so why gluten free?