Hole In The Wall



= 英語由来語。

ドイツ語の外来語比率が1/4もあるということを知った。特に英語の外来比率がここ最近急増しているらしい。"Anglicism of the Year"などというものまであって、去年の単語が"-gate"。

Plus Germans integrate the words they borrow — for example the suffix "-gate," as in Watergate, which was voted last year's Anglicism of the year in Germany. Stefanowitsch says it has been used, among other things, to describe the NSA spying scandal on the German chancellor as "Merkel-gate."

Angst In Germany Over Invasion Of American English : Parallels : NPR



Take, for example, the word "handy," which is what Germans call their cellphones. Stefanowitsch says people here assume it's an English word, and it may have come from the word "handheld" to distinguish it from car phones when cellular technology was relatively new.