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最近のベイエリア、The Millを始めとする"artisan"(笑)トーストが流行。てっきりJosey BakerのThe Millが$4するトーストでハイプをまき散らしたのかと思ってたけれど、じつは違う様子。3本ローラーしながら聞いたNPRより。

But one of the owners there, Josey Baker-- yes, he's a baker, and yes, that's his name-- told me he was not the originator of this craze.

Josey Baker

Yeah, I mean, there was one other place here in the city, and they mostly do cinnamon sugar toast.

John Gravois

No, Josey wasn't the Chuck Berry of fancy toast. He was more like the Elvis of fancy toast, a guy who caught the trend when it was already on an upswing. The place he first saw it, four or five years ago, is out in one of San Francisco's windiest, foggiest, farthest-flung areas, the Outer Sunset. Other toast professionals sent me to the same cafe.

It's completely different from any of the other places serving toast. For one thing, it's about 10 times smaller. In fact, it's nothing like what I expected. And the story behind it-- the story of the person who started this trend-- made the trend itself feel like an embarrassingly tiny thing to focus on.

So I'm going to tell you that story. But first I should tell you the name of the place. It's called The Trouble Coffee and Coconut Club, otherwise known simply as Trouble.

No Place Like Home | This American Life

 この後、この流行を創りだした女性の「ええ話や」になる。ということでこの、"The Trouble Coffee & Coconut Club"というベーカリーが元祖。いつか行ってみようと思って4sqのto-do listに追加しようと思って開けてみたら、なんと奥がすでに行っているではないか!!!