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PG&E - Home and Business Area Network Pilot Program


Thank you for being a SmartRate™ customer and doing your part to help strengthen California's energy grid.

To show our appreciation, we'd like to offer you a FREE Energy Management Device that will make it even easier to optimize your energy usage and help you save money. 

 多分将来的に導入されるであろうIoTデバイスを無料で進呈してくれるらしい。しかもサーベイに答えると$75のリベートまで。これは参加しない手はないね。ちなみに2種類選べたけれど、自分が選んだのはたぶんこれ。face valueで$99。

EAGLE ZigBee Gateway (with Bidgely)
Rainforest Automation