Hole In The Wall




 ただし内容はシリアス。これの数日前にNew Yorkerに載ったこの記事への回答。

I released fifty-odd albums, wrote hundreds of songs, and played on God knows how many session dates. Some of my recordings are in the Library of Congress. That’s idiotic. They ought to burn that building to the ground. I hate music. I wasted my life.

Sonny Rollins: In His Own Words - The New Yorker

 これを書いたDjango Goldという人はThe Onionのライターだし、冒頭で、

Editor’s note: This article, which is part of our Shouts & Murmurs humor blog, is a work of satire.

と断ってあるけれど、やっぱりこれはねぇ。New Yorkerってこういう雑誌なんだ…。