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それはConsumer Reportsによれば、The Habit Burger Grill。

If you had to guess America's favorite fast food burger, you might start with the obvious choices: the big guys, like McDonald's or Wendy's. If you're a real burger aficionado, you might guess In-N-Out Burger, the regional chain with a national appeal. Whatever your assumption, you'd probably guess wrong. That's because the country's best burger comes from a chain you've probably never heard of, unless you're from California, in which case you'd better have heard of it. According to Consumer Reports, the best fast food burger in America is from The Habit Burger Grill.

The Country's Best Burger Comes From A Chain You've Probably Never Heard Of




 で、味であるがまあこんなもんかな、というところ。もちろんMcD/BKなどよりは全然美味しいけれど、I/O,5Gと比べたら差がわからない。まあ強いて特徴を挙げればBunのバラエティがいいかな。自分のはtoasted bunsだったけど、サクサクでなかなか旨し。

しかしサニーベールのこの一角、バーガー激戦地。Habit Burgerの他に近くにFive Guys, In-n-Outもある。で、更に駐車場をウロウロしていたらSmashburgerもComing Soonになってた。それこそConsumer Reportsのベスト4揃い踏み。バーガー好きが集まってるのか、この辺り。