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let's baaaaaaaake.


have you always wanted to bake bread at home, but don't know quite where to start? are you interested in whole grains, but are worried that your bread will turn out an inedible brick? or maybe you've baked a few loaves, and now you're wanting to take your bread to the next level? have no fear, josey baker is here to help make all your dreams come true.

whole grain bread baking – Wed, 10/29 7:30-9:30pm @ The Mill « joseybakerbread

 サンフランのミッションにあるThe Millでパンを焼いているJosey Bakerが最近始めたクラス。2時間のコースで、

 - learn how to keep your sourdough starter healthy and active
 - mix 2 different types of whole wheat bread dough
 - shape your very own loaf of bread
 - learn top secret tips that will turn your home oven into a professional bread oven
 - bake a loaf and feast upon it! 


 - your own sourdough starter
 - a loaf ready to bake at home
 - a proofing basket
 - 2 lbs of stone ground whole wheat flour
 - a copy of Josey Baker Bread (optional, additional $25) 

前回が初回、10人限定なんであっという間に埋まってしまったけど、今回は何とか奥と二人で申し込み。 ちと高いけど、まあ共通の趣味ということで。問題は駐車場なんだよね。平日の夜だけど、ミッションだからなぁ。