Hole In The Wall



The Kitchnでそんな記事を読む。


  1. Foodie – The worst food word crime of them all.
  2. 'Za – Don't insult your pizza by calling it anything but pizza.
  3. Sando – Sandwiches are cute and all, but not that cute. (Runner-up: Sammie)
  4. Yummy (or Yummo) – After the age of ten this is just weird.
  5. Mouthfeel – I don't want to imagine what the inside of your mouth feels like.
  6. Delish – Just, no.
  7. EVOO – I love you Rachael Ray, but this haunts me.
  8. Locavore – Yeah, I like shopping at the farmers market too.
  9. Delectable – The word someone uses when they don't want to write "delicious" again.
  10. Sinful – Eating is pleasure (and sustenance), not sin. Don't mix the two.
  11. Nom – I'm sure we can be more descriptive than this, right?
  12. Orgasmic – When Harry Met Sally has ruined us all forever.
  13. Succulent – Because Pinterest exists, and I can't not think of the plant when you use this word.

え、"yummy"もダメなの!? まあ他はわからないでもない(と言うか実際わからないのもあるw)が。お次はフレーズ編。

  1. "Cooked to perfection" – Perfect doesn't mean anything.
  2. "Take it to the next level" – I'm so guilty of this one. I'm so sorry. Your chicken breasts really don't have multiple "levels" to go to.
  3. "Best ever"– Oh really, tell me more about this miracle sandwich of yours.
  4. "Depth of flavor" – What does this even mean?
  5. "Tastes like crack" – No, your food is not like drugs.
  6. "Party in your mouth" – Again, I don't want to know what's happening in your mouth right now.
  7. "Jazz up" – Please, no.
  8. "Cloyingly sweet" – Too sweet. We get it.