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今週は3日働けばターキーホリデー。何となく会社の雰囲気もホリデーっぽいw。ターキーといえば丁度2年前にTurducken二分木について書いたけど、そんなの目じゃないレシピが大昔に既にフランスに有ったらしい。世界で初めての料理評論家、Grimod de la Reynièreが紹介した"rôti sans pareil"がそれ。

The daredevil-ish recipe calls for a tiny warbler stuffed in a bunting, inserted in a lark, squeezed in a thrush, thrown in a quail, inserted in a lapwing, introduced to a plover, piled into a partridge, wormed into a woodcock, shoehorned into a teal, kicked into a guinea fowl, rammed inside a duck, shoved into a chicken, jammed up in a pheasant, wedged deep inside a goose, logged into a turkey. And just when you think a 16-bird roast is probably enough, it's not. This meat sphere is finally crammed up into a Great Bustard, an Old World turkey-turned-wrapping paper, for this most epic of poultry meals.

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Rôti Sans Pareil – Roast Without Equal a.k.a. Death to Birds 


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