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"Ethnic" food in San Francisco

Bar TartineのシェフがKQEDのForumに登場するというのをChad Robertsonがツイートしていたんで聴いてみた。


  • Christopher Kostow, chef at The Restaurant at Meadowood and author of "A New Napa Cuisine"
  • Cortney Burns, chef at Bar Tartine and co-author with Nicolaus Balla of "Bar Tartine: Techniques and Recipes"
  • Sara Deseran, co-owner of Tacolicious and Chino, author of "Tacolicious: Festive Recipes for Tacos, Snacks, Cocktails, and More" and editor-at-large for San Francisco Magazine
  • Thomas McNaughton, chef at Flour + Water, Central Kitchen and Salumeria, and author of "Flour + Water: Pasta"


Although I respect, and enjoy, what all of these chefs do I have to say that it is offensive to listen to any white person talk about the lack of ethnic cuisine in San Francisco. I understand that they are speaking specfically of ethnic food being enhanced by being presented at a particle style and price point, but it's offensive when the speaker doesn't first acknowledge that the food at the Tacolicios's, Mission Chinese Foods, and Slanted Doors of the world are, and have already been done by countless smaller, less renowned cooks in far less hip, and far less tiresome neighborhoods like the white Mission.

これが番組中に読み上げられ、それに対してこの"Sara"が、"They're just DIFFERENT."と返答。更にやっちゃった感あり。じゃあ元々SFで中華やメキシカンをサーブしていたお店は"ethnic"じゃないってことでOK?