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Pizza Bolognese

余りサワードウピザ、これも昨日の余りもんのミートソース乗せ。ミートソースの液体でピザがパリっと焼けないじゃないかと心配して ちょっと"soggy pizza"で検索かけたらSlateにこんな記事が。


  1. Here’s a good rule of thumb: When you think you’ve stretched the dough thin enough, keep stretching it until it’s half as thick.
  2. Second, and possibly most important: topping quality.
  3. You may be tempted to overload your pizza with mountains of sauce, cheese, and other discretionary toppings in accordance with the theory that more is better (call it the Sufjan Stevens Theory of Composition). Don’t do this; smothered pizza crust is soggy pizza crust.