Hole In The Wall


Charlie Parkerとシンバル。

先週末はアカデミー賞。映画はあんまり見ないけど、アカデミー賞をながらで見つつ、これは観てみたいと思ったのが"Whiplash"(といいつつ、観てみたいと言ってたThe Imitation Gameも未だなんだが)。



やっぱ、"all wrong"だよなw。まあそれはいいとして、その中で発見したパーカーの「シンバル」エピソードの真実:

“Bird had gotten up there and got his meter turned around,” Ramey remembered. “When they got to the end of the thirty-two-bar chorus, he was in the second bar on that next chorus. Somehow or other he got ahead of himself or something. He had the right meter. He was with the groove all right, but he was probably anxious to make it. Anyway, he couldn’t get off. Jo Jones hit the bell corners—ding. Bird kept playing. Ding. Ding. Everybody was looking, and people were starting to say, ‘Get this cat off of here.’ Ding! So finally, finally, Jo Jones pulled off the cymbal and said ‘DING’ on the floor. Some would call it a crash, and they were right, a DING trying to pass itself as under a crash. Bird jumped, you know, and it startled him and he eased out of the solo. Everybody was screaming and laughing. The whole place. 


バード [DVD]
バード [DVD]
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