Hole In The Wall




 In this sophisticated effort, third parties succeeded in clearing a multi-step authentication process that required prior personal knowledge about the taxpayer, including Social Security information, date of birth, tax filing status and street address before accessing IRS systems. The multi-layer process also requires an additional step, where applicants must correctly answer several personal identity verification questions that typically are only known by the taxpayer.

IRS Statement on the "Get Transcript" Application

 いやしかし、「前の住所」とかその気になればネットで調べられると思うけど、それを"sophisticated effort"とか。。。セキュリティの意識が低すぎな気がするなぁ。

まあなんでこの記事をエントリーにしようかと思ったかといえば、最近自分でこの"Get Transcript"を銀行のローン申請のために使ったんで。

The IRS temporarily shut down the Get Transcript application last week after an initial assessment identified questionable attempts were detected on the system in mid-May. The online application will remain disabled until the IRS makes modifications and further strengthens security for it.