Hole In The Wall





HARRISON: (Reading) We are regarded as a cold-blooded, calculating people. And our failure to show warmth - to say it with flowers - is perhaps the main reason why American respect for us never quite ripens into a warm, uncalculating friendship, such as they have felt for the French.


HARRISON: Precisely. It goes on to say (reading) perhaps if we shed our caution, we offer our most precious possession to our best friends, the effect would be incalculable both today and in the future.

イギリス人が最も大事と考える所有物(マグナ・カルタ)をアメリカに贈れば、 その効果は計り知れない、という「計算」w。

ただ結局この計画は実現しなかったんだけれど(実際の所有者であるLincoln Cathedralが断ったため)、第二次大戦とマグナ・カルタ、こんな関係があったとは。