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MoonBean's Coffee


MoonBean's Coffee

 店の真ん中のデーンと鎮座しているロースティングマシン。"The San Franciscan"ってことはサンフランシスコ人?じゃなくて「伝説の」焙煎機メーカーらしい。

The San Franciscan Roaster™ line of commercial coffee roasters are built by craftsmen for the artisan roaster, giving them the perfect blend of art and ingenuity

The legend continues – loved for their style and simplicity, consistent, as the rest of the world becomes increasingly complex and technology harder to understand. San Franciscan Roasters will always be there for people who love the art of roasting coffee.

San Franciscan Roasters are designed and manufactured by coffee roasting professionals in the USA for coffee roasting professionals around the world. The unique combination of style and simplicity, quality and consistency sets the San Franciscan Roaster line of coffee roasters apart from everything else on the market.



MoonBean's Coffee


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