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Burman Coffeeのメーリングリストで知る。

Found our first Geisha lot that we thought worth the money Panama Esmeralda Geisha 1500 - super clean and floral coffee that builds huge body into the fuller roasts, sweet and unique stuff but still a bit on the pricey side - a little easier to justify @ $13.49/lb on the newsletter. Geisha is a different strain of coffee - not Arabica or Robusta which are the normal parent strains. Bred for tastiness (unlike robusta) it is a rare and low yield plant that is finicky about where it grows - which will keep it on the rarer side. Looking for a unique premium offering, this will be it.   

へぇ、アラビカ、ロバスタとは別の種類なんだ。つか高っ!ポンドあたり$13.49…。 と思ってウェブで学習。そしたら、


その希少性から「パナマ アウロマール ゲイシャ」の価格は、豆売りが250グラム1万800円と高額だ。