Hole In The Wall



= 食通。他にも"gastronaut"なんてのもある。


The word is weird in that way: Using it as a self-descriptor is likely to win you eye rolls from anyone in earshot, and it’s tough to call other people “foodies” without it sounding like maybe you’re actually dissing them—for being pretentious, for being a bandwagon-hopper, or, oddly, for not being “foodie” enough. In this way, the term is similar to hipster—linguistically lazy, poorly defined to the point of meaning everything and nothing at the same time, and frequently used as shorthand for large swaths of the Brooklyn population.



まあ真実10%, 脚色90%ぐらいだろうけど、自分の思い浮かべる"foodie"に近いのはGrainbowl Goddess/Brunch Betchあたりかなぁ。多分にバイアスかかってる気がするw。自分がどれに近いかといったら多分一番始めのOuter-Borough Striver。この一文についてだけだけど:

 Illicit thrill: Finding the most authentic regional Northern Chinese noodle house and not telling anyone about it