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「また」$10プロモーションくれたんで、今日の夕飯の足しに。頼んだのはOlive Chickpea Stew:

Chickpeas are simmered in tomato, onions, garlic, olives, fennel, roasted orange peel, and artichoke hearts for a hearty stew. It comes with grilled Panorama bread for dipping and a Laura Chenel goat cheese ball marinated in herbs and chili flakes, plus watercress for adding a refreshing peppery bite.


(Nearly) Free Food on Munchery

この山羊チーズ、うまかた。Laura Chenelってよく見るあのヤギ顔のブランドだなぁと思って調べたら、

Laura Chenel is a cheese maker who was America's first commercial producer of goat cheese, and helped to popularize goat cheese in America. In 1979, she began producing chèvre in the Bay Area town of Sebastopol, California, after a fact-finding trip to visit goat cheese producers in France. After several months of working to sell her product to local markets (with mixed success, due to American unfamiliarity with goat cheeses at the time), she received her first major opportunity when Alice Watersof Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California placed a standing order for her cheese in 1980. Waters listed the cheese by name on her menu (as "Laura Chenel's Chèvre", in what may have been the first American instance of goat cheese salad), which provided Chenel with a great deal of publicity.

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Bread lovers on the most visceral level

At Panorama we understand that the Bay Area is a food lover’s paradise where quality is in very high demand. We know that the majority of people here are serious about what they eat, and believe a sandwich can’t be excellent if it’s not put together on excellent bread. These are the people for whom Panorama Baking Co. was built.

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