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I first heard about avocado toast from New York people, because here in California the idea of avocado on bread is just so obvious that it didn’t become a thing until it was a thing on the East Coast. The idea of “avocado toast” being eaten extensively in restaurants by people with yoga mats under their arms is a separate thing from the naturally occurring logic in Los Angeles, which is, Oh, I have avocado and I have bread: here’s breakfast. 


When my wife, Laurie, was in grade school, she would go on field trips to the groves in La Habra Heights, above Whittier, to see the original Hass avocado tree—the mutant from which untold trillions of avocados were bred. It should be a religious site.

 えっと、"the original Hass avocado tree"!? オリジナル???


The Hass avocado /ˈhæs/, sometimes marketed as the Haas avocado /ˈhɑːs/, is a cultivar of avocado with dark green-colored, bumpy skin.[1] It was first grown and sold by Southern California mail carrier and amateur horticulturist Rudolph Hass, who also gave it his name.[1][2][3]

Hass avocado - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

おおおー!ハス・アボカドの起源はカリフォルニアだったのか〜! しかもいつもスペルで混乱してたけど(Hass or Haas)、Hassが正解なわけですね。

ということで上の一節じゃないけど、カリフォルニア人な自分は"Oh, I have avocado and I have bread: here's lunch":

Avocado open sandwich