Hole In The Wall



この言葉を初めて使ったのはWrecking BallのTrish Rothgeb。


When coffee roaster Trish Rothgeb, now of San Francisco's Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, coined the term "third wave" in 2002, she meant it to define a specific shift in service and customer engagement

"It should be said that this idea was meant for the consideration of the industry, really," she continues. "It was for back of the house to use as shorthand for the shift in the way the consumer engages with specialty."

Within the industry, "third wave" has retained the essence of its meaning—which is more philosophical than aesthetic, i.e. it addresses a wholistic, farm-to-craft-presentation approach to coffee that customers typically find evident once they reach a cafe counter.


But now calling something "third wave" is a snob's way of saying it's good enough for them, and better than yours.

「お前のより俺のこのコーヒーのほうが旨い」場合に俗物が使う言葉、に成り下がってしまっている。そもそも最近はいろんな使い方をされるんで、人によって言おうとしてることが千差万別。 使わないに限るのかも。