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現在の"Artisan Bread"の発祥はMarin郡のPoint Reyes。レンガオーブン作りの先駆者、Alan Scottを中心に「パン作りの理想郷」が存在した模様。

The artisanal bread-making scene now so popular in hippie havens and farmers’ markets across the country has deep roots in West Marin. That’s where the late Alan Scott, the pioneering oven-builder widely credited with the revival in brick-made, wood-burning ovens — and the resultant boom in artisanal bakeries and pizzerias — constructed his first brick oven for Laurel Robertson, author of the seminal 1976 vegetarian cookbook Laurel’s Kitchen, and where he established a sort of impromptu salon for idealistic young bakers eager to master the old-world techniques he championed.


Tartine BakeryのChad Robertsonの言葉を借りれば、

“It was a very specific kind of foodie utopia,” Robertson says. “Like, an all-whole-grain utopia.”


Alan is why we all ended up there,” Robertson says. “He enabled the whole baking thing to happen. He was about forming a community around the oven.”

ChadがTartineの前にPoint ReyesでオープンしていたBay Village Bakeryのブリックオーブンを作ったのもAlan Scott。そのオーブンは現在Brickmaiden Breadsで引き継がれている

そこまでは知ってたが、今日の発見。このAlan Scottの元奥さん、Laura Scottという方なんだけど、

Drive through Point Reyes Station today, and you can still see vestiges of that culinary heritage in the line of daytrippers and spandex-clad bikers queued up outside Bovine Bakery, where Scott’s ex-wife, Laura, still often runs the counter. (Scott died in 2009.)

Bovine, opened in 1990 by Bridget Devlin, is in many ways a testament to Scott’s enduring culinary influence and the region’s foodie history. These days, the tiny bakery serves as a gathering point on weekend mornings, as locals and tourists alike line up for savory loaves of bread and sweets like bear claws, morning buns and blueberry scones before pushing off for the day.


へぇ、Bovine Bakeryのオーナーなのか。また行きたくなってきた。Point Reyes。