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= (穀物の)全粒。

Groats (or in some cases, "berries") are the hulled[clarification needed] kernels of various cereal grains such as oat, wheat, rye and barley. Groats are whole grains that include the cereal germ and fiber-rich bran portion of the grain as well as the endosperm (which is the usual product of milling).

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これだと"berry"との違いがよくわからない。小麦の場合普通"wheat berries"、でそばの場合普通"buckwheat groats"と言うけれど、その違いが知りたくてググる。authenticity 25%ぐらいかもだけど、こんなの発見。

“Groats” and “berries” both refer to whole grains — you’ll see oat and buckwheat groats and wheat and rye berries. The only difference between the two terms is that “groats” are harder to separate from the plant stalks than “berries” are, no matter what kind of whole grain kernels we’re talking about.

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んで、なんでこんなエントリかというと、Whole Foodsでberries/groatsを仕入れたんで。

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