Hole In The Wall




Been incorrectly charged!


Voter-approved Proposition 30*, The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012, which imposed the one quarter of one percent (0.25 percent) temporary statewide sales and use tax rate expires on December 31, 2016. As a result, effective January 1, 2017, the California statewide sales and use tax rate will decrease by 0.25 percent from the current rate of 7.50 percent to the new rate of 7.25 percent.

Sales and Use Tax Rate Decreases January 1, 2017 – Board of Equalization


If a Retailer Charges an Incorrect Tax Rate

A retailer who continues to charge and collect the higher statewide sales and use tax rate after January 1, 2017, must either refund the excess tax collected to their customer or pay the excess tax to the Board of Equalization (BOE). If the excess tax collected has been paid to the BOE, the retailer may request a refund on behalf of their customer by completing form BOE-101, Claim for Refund or Credit. For information regarding filing a claim for refund on tax overpaid to the BOE, please see publication 117, Filing a Claim for Refund.