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Papua New Guinea Sigri A/X Highlands


Papua New Guinea Sigri A/X Highlands


Tasting Notes: A very surprisingly nice cup that is pretty different from the Estate coffees, one can see the wilder plants and strains really shine. A little lighter bodied than most PNGs it has some fantastic floral/caramel notes and balance. A bit brighter but by no means a high acidity coffee, gives it almost a Central American spin at the lighter roast points. Darker roast points one can see a bit more classic PNG, bakers chocolate and spice will be the darker roast tones with no hint of acidity.

Roasting Notes: Boy we thought this cup really shinned a bit lighter, city plus to full city. A little acidity pokes out but adds a lot of sweetness. The cup holds up nicely darker as well but will burn out the bit of caramel pretty close to 2nd crack.

Papua New Guinea Sigri A/X Highlands

 普通はミディアムからダークローストを推奨するBurman Coffee、この豆は軽めにローストを推奨。なのでそれに従ってシティまでにしたら、いいじゃないですか!テイスティングノートにあるように酸っぱみよりもキャラメル系の味が全面に。酸っぱいコーヒーが好きじゃないんで軽いローストはめったにしないんだけど、これは正解。