Hole In The Wall




「本マグロは悪魔からの贈り物、鯖は神から」だから絶滅危惧種の本マグロの代わりに鯖を食べよう、とか寿司ネタじゃ却下だよなぁ。多分"Holy Mackerel"って書きたかっただけじゃないのw。


Fishy Dilemmas

Okay, but can I at least eat canned tuna?

Sorry, Charlie, but canned tuna—unless it’s the pricey sustainable brands like Wild Planet and Raincoast (whose albacore tuna is line-caught)—is best avoided. I stay away, especially, from the big three: Bumble Bee, Chicken of the Sea, and StarKist, all of which have been accused of both unsustainable fishing and unfair labor practices. On the bright side, canned salmon is usually all right. As are the fish that come in rectangular tins: sardines, anchovies, smoked oysters, cooked octopus, and so on.



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 と書いたけど、アメリカ版シーチキン、"Chicken of the Sea"とWild Planetのツナ缶はサスティナビリティからしたらぜんぜん違うんだそう。ちなみにツナ缶じゃなくてサーモン缶はセーフらしい。Costcoでどっちも扱ってるけど、Wild Planetのやつを買うことにするこれから。