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 Our mission is to advance economic equity in Oakland by providing educational training and hands-on support for aspiring chef entrepreneurs from refugee, immigrant, and low-income communities who seek to start their own food businesses. Oakland Bloom is dedicated to working within the community by collaborating with professional consultants, local nonprofits and businesses. Together, we aim to create programs that will lead to economic self-sufficiency and pathways to small business ownership. 





But this flatbread was not injera which is the large spongy crepe-like circles made primarily of teff flour that is a staple in Ethiopian and Eritrean meals.

Tebege featured a unique twist on another traditional flatbread that she calls anababiru, which is usually served in layers. Her dish featured smaller rounds upon which she spread awaze (spiced butter) and piled her doro tibs (spicy chicken) and misr wot (red lentil stew). She explained the significance of this “bread” to some of her customers, explaining that since it has a shorter rising time than injera, it was made every morning in her household and marked the start of the day.