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Congo Kawa Kabuya Cooperative


Tasting Notes:
A very cool unique cup of coffee - a little fuller bodied and very smooth. A little brightness to it but nothing like its more acidic African counsins - the cup puts forth a real nice caramel, smokey sweet tone with maybe just a little hint of light fruit in the acidity. Very clean cup even at the light roast points - we have never actually seen a Congo coffee this clean before - seems the Congo is finally turning its coffee into a premium offering.

Roasting Notes:
This cup is very well balanced and is wonderful at most roasts.  We recommend roasting from a Medium to Dark Roast.  The bean is denser so allow for longer roasting times. 

 Burman Coffeeの解説。密度が高いらしいので長めにローストしろ、とのこと。

Congo Kawa Kabuya Cooperative


Congo Kawa Kabuya Cooperative

 この前以来、日本のロースターの4-6 methodで淹れてるけれど、かなりスッキリした味。上にもあるけれど、他の代表的アフリカの豆、エチオピアのイルガチェフェみたいに酸味が強くなく飲みやすい。

Apple Beehive

 午後のコーヒータイムに合わせたのが、奥が焼いた"Apple Beehive"。例の"Tartine All Day"本から。グラニースミスの皮むき&スライスだけお手伝い。