Hole In The Wall






Direct trade is not working well in the US; it is more beneficial to those that co-opted it than to those that take it most seriously. 

ダイレクトトレードはフェアトレードのような認定形式ではなく、意識高い系のロースター達が独自にプロセスを決めて初めたもの。具体的にはIntelligentsia/CounterCulture/Stumptown達なんだけど、彼らが生み出したこの"Direct Trade"という言葉が独り歩きして、皆が真似しだす。そうすると当然意識低い系のロースターの生産者の写真をウェブに載せただけの豆とか、 最悪なのは大手がマーケティングツールとして使い出す。例えば、

An example of this weak standard direct trade could be Target’s in-house brand Archer Farms. In 2015 and 2016 Archer Farms direct trade products were not all traceable to their specific origins, not even to a country level, and products from different regions used the same film clip of the same producer. In July 2016 Target announced a redesign and expansion of Archer Farms direct trade so there is now traceability for some but not all direct trade products, but online packaging and product webpages still do not state explicit standards related to price, quality, or traceability or include a link to more information about their direct trade scheme as of November 2016.

 スーパーマーケットのターゲット、独自に"Archer Farms"というコーヒーブランドがあって、"Direct Trade"と謳ってるにも関わらずどこで生産された豆かまるでわからなかったのがあったんだそう。これは酷いな。これじゃ"Direct Trade"=「クオリティが高くて割安」という目的が水の泡。それで、

Despite the growing popularity of the term direct trade within the US, founding firms have been quietly backing away from direct trade voluntary schemes over time… This trend can also be seen through web presence of direct trade schemes across firms and small actions that de-emphasize the term direct trade.