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Ancient Agro & Coke Farm

2週続けてMountain ViewのFarmers' Marketに行ったんで、今日は近場のCampbellのに出向く。日差しは結構強いけど、爽やかな風が気持ちいい。ぷらぷら散歩するには最高の気候。


Purple asparagus


んで、帰り際ふと横見たらこんなのが 。

Ancient Agro


Ancient Agro is working to bring lost and forgotten basic foods back into our food supply. We are always striving to offer our customers basic healthy foods in their original forms and we work with farmers to grow them in the appropriate regions. One goal is to once again provide ancient landrace wheat in stone ground, whole grain form. We aim to provide high quality seed foods, and have begun with wheat.

Ancient Agro

 扱ってるのは、Sonora, Durum Iraq, Ethiopian Blue Tinge, India Jammu。うーん、これは興味ある。Cupertinoの会社みたいだけれど"Try Free Samples"とあったんでメールしてみた。



Alyssa Coke, Dale and Christine's daughter — she refers to herself as "farmer in training/next generation" — does a little bit of everything at the family business including grain sales.

The farm grows Blanco Grande, Sonora, Jammu and Ethiopian Blue Tinged wheat varieties. It sells flour made from the wheat to the public at the Palo Alto and Menlo Park farmers markets, and works with bakeries and restaurants including Companion.

San Juan BautistaにあるCoke Farmと言う農家で古代穀物を育てているらしい、その農場のバリエーションがまさにAncient Agroとほぼ同じ。ということはAncient Agroはここから仕入れているのかも。んで、Santa CruzのCompanion Bakeshopにも卸しているんだそう。Palo AltoとMenlo ParkのFarmers' Marketにもあるらしい。

Companion's Local Loaf, made from 100 percent locally produced flour grown and milled by Coke Farm, sells out quickly, Lampel said. It's only available on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, at the shop itself, the two Santa Cruz farmers markets, and at the Sunday one in Live Oak.

お、Companionの"Local Loaf"の記述あり。これですね。

Local Loaf

Coke Farmの小麦だったということ。んで、

Alyssa called Blanco Grande a wonderful bread flour, while Jammu is perfect for cookies and pancakes, and Sonora makes excellent tortillas and pasta. The farm plans to add more wheat in the future, and she is enthusiastic about the farm's wheat expansion. 

 Jammuはクッキー系、ということは低グルテンか。だとするとLocal Loafは"Blanco Grande"を使ってるのかな。これはパロアルトまで出向いて買ってみる価値があるかも。いやでもwheat berriesは置いてないかなファーマーズ・マーケットじゃ…。