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Tri-Tip’s True Origins



According to Alameda barbecue judge, semi-retired pit master (and molecular biologist) Donna Fong, tri-tip was first grilled up on a ranch in Dublin owned by Oakland meat wholesaler Otto Schaefer. 

アラメダのバーベキュー審査員、Donna Fongによれば、初めてその部位をグリルしたのはオークランドの肉屋が所有するダブリンにある農園。

He also prepared it at local rodeos attended by some cowpokes from, you guessed it, Santa Maria, who brought it back to the Central Coast and apparently did a far better job of taking credit for it. 


In the United States, this cut was typically used for ground beef or sliced into steaks until the early 1950s, when Otto Schaefer, Sr., first barbecued it whole on the Schaefer Ranch. He introduced it to market in Oakland, California, and ranchers visiting the Schaefer Ranch from Santa Maria enjoyed it and took the idea home, where it was popularized by the Santa Maria Elks Club.[2]

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