Hole In The Wall





Dre: Almost as bad. Junior may have to go to public school. 
Connor: Public, like a toilet? Ugh! Are they still doing that?
Stevens: Come on, Dre, you make enough money, you can opt out of that nonsense. In fact, it is a miracle that you survived public school. 
Dre: Actually, I went to private school. 
Connor: What?! Like black private school?

The white people in this scene are all portrayed as privileged idiots who have no idea what the real world is like. Dre went to private school just like they did, so they are all on equal educational footing, yet they are shown to be completely out of touch with reality.

 ははは凄いなこの見方。まあこのブロガーも"idiots"とか"completely out of touch with reality"とか書いてるんでマジョリティじゃないんだろうけど、やっぱりこういう見方も存在するんだろう。