Hole In The Wall


The Cube、再び閉鎖。








Out of an abundance of caution for the safety of the public, the area surrounding the base of the Mount Umunhum radar tower and pathways leading to the radar tower is closed to public access at this time due to concerns for the potential presence of lead-based paint.  The summit shelter, west loop trail, stairs to the parking area, trailhead shelter, and trail to Bald Mountain staging area remain open at this time.

The recent rain and wind event of November 9 and 10 resulted in the deposition of small flakes of material that may have shed off the radar tower and potentially contain lead-based paint.  The former Air Force Station site, including the radar tower, underwent comprehensive abatement and remediation work prior to the construction of the public access improvements.  Since then, the tower also received an exterior graffiti coating along the first floor.  However, there are indications that remnant lead-based paint may still be present along the exterior and potentially destabilizing and flaking off the structure.  For this reason, Midpen is taking the precaution of closing the surrounding area to ensure the safety of the public visiting the summit area.  Midpen is investigating the condition of the building and the potential presence of lead to determine if additional steps and/or abatement work is necessary to reopen the radar tower area to the public.

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