Hole In The Wall



= かき混ぜる。



  • bloom時に文字通り「かき混ぜる」。
  • 途中でフィルターコーンをタップする(ビデオ参照)。
  • ドリッパーを揺する。(The Rao Spin)
  • 注ぎを不均一にして粉を散らす。


Next batch arrived.

そんな今日、次のバッチが配達。コーヒー難民にならなくて済んだ。でもなぁ、Counter Cultureのこの記事だと、

Can you taste when coffee is past peak quality?
Unroasted or “green” coffee that has started to taste old, or take on “past crop” flavors, will taste woody and/or vegetal once roasted. Sweetness and acidity will diminish gradually, as well. These flavors will start to pop up eventually, regardless of how or when the coffee is roasted.

Coffee Basics: Seasonality – When are particular coffees in season?


What makes a coffee in or out of season? 
Coffee is a food, and all food spoils at a certain point. Depending upon processing (primarily drying) and storage of unroasted coffee, it can start tasting old—otherwise known as “past crop” or “fade” flavors—as soon as a month after harvest or as long as 14 months after harvest. The simple, short answer is that coffees produced in the northern hemisphere are at their peak flavor from early summer into fall. Coffees grown in the southern hemisphere generally taste best from early winter into spring. For a detailed map of coffee seasonality, see our resource page here. 

プロセスと貯蔵にも寄るけど、最短収穫後一月後から劣化する生豆があるらしい。まあ長いのは14ヶ月保つのもあるらしいけど。 ロースト後の豆ほどじゃないけど、早い時期に消費するのが◎。買い置きはやはり避けた方がいい様子。