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Cabin Fever


Cabin Fever - 4lbs bag

 どーん、4ポンドバッグ。シーズナルエスプレッソなんで前回のDreamboatじゃなくてCabin Feverというブレンド

It’s a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s essential cold weather thriller and psychological exercise. It’s a wintertime phenomenon we’re lucky not to be geographically afflicted by. Yet the textbook definition of cabin fever is extreme irritability and restlessness from being in a tight or isolated space, so we can sympathize. Sometimes San Francisco is a tight and isolated space. And sometimes San Franciscans will hibernate in their Victorian flats for days at a time, ignoring the humming city around them. A hilly fog bubble of Cabin Fever can set in.

Cabin Fever Seasonal Espresso